Copper Gold Exhibition

Exhibiting at Sugar Cube Gallery, Hambridge
Copper Gold Starling Murmuration
Copper Gold - an exhibition of printmaking by Jackie Curtis has opened at The Sugar Cube Gallery in Hambridge. Copper gold colours of autumn & early winter flow though prints inspired by Somerset and the sea.

It is the 8th exhibition at the Sugar Cube Gallery that started out life in the summer of 2014 in the foyer space of Teapot Creative a design & digital marketing agency based in Bowdens Farm Hambridge.

To quote their website their aim has been simple – 'to offer a place for local artists, sculptors, photographers to show their work in a friendly, eclectic environment. The gallery is open Monday – Friday from 9am – 4pm. It’s not huge, in fact it’s tiny so don’t come expecting to spend long but If you’re interested in the burgeoning local art scene here in our part of the South West then pop by as one thing the Sugar Cube always offers is art that’s well worth the visit!'

An interview with Sugar Cube can be found here